Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting the Gastric Sleeve Bypass Journey

I started this journey back in October 2010. I had attended the weight loss surgery seminar.  Which gave us information on the 3 different types of surgery that Dr. Richards does.  Lapband, Gastric sleeve resection, and the big bypass ( Roux-en-Y gastric ). I have completed patient information packet, I have had my initial consultation appointment with the surgeon to talk about which surgery I wanted.  I choose the Gastric sleeve resection. I have Provided letter of necessity from my Primary Care Physician, five year weight history, recent TSH lab, Complete the online “emmi” educational program for the specific surgery I was interested in, psychological evaluation, F.I.T. consultation, Have a sleep study done, see the nutritionist, attend a support group meeting.  Now I have most of the stuff done I will start my 2 week liquid diet on January 6, and then have my surgery on January 20.  I can say I am very excited to start my new year with a new life J.  My starting weight before my liquid diet is 292.2.  I did go to my PCP yesterday for a minor problem I was having and when he weighed me there I was 300lbs.  The highest weight that I have been in my life.  I started to cry because I said to myself I would never let myself be that 300lbs women and look I am.  I am glad that I will be having my surgery soon to help me live a happier and health life. I will weigh myself on January 6 and will not weight myself again until around my surgery date or after.  So I will keep you posted to what my weight lost journey will look like. 

HW 300 | SW 0 | CW 0 | GW 155 | 5'5 | --- Updated Dec. 28, 2010