Saturday, April 16, 2011


It is very interesting what my thoughts are about food.  I was just thinking about it today and for some reason since my surgery that I did not have hunger but it does seem to be coming back but I don't really want anything.  If we cook at home or go out I just don't really care about food I just want something with good protein that I can get in.  But before the surgery it seems like food was my biggest thing to live for.  If I was bored, sad, happy, even if I was not really hungry I still wanted to eat and it felt good and smelled good and just had to have it,.  Now like I said I could care less and sometime it is hard for me because I don't feel like this is normal.  I hope I am not the only one feeling this way or going thru this.  I am happy and feeling great and that is an awsome thing but when someone ask me what do I want to eat I just say I don't care I will find something to eat or I will have what ever you are having and I just don't feel like when I eat the food that is signal that happened before is happing now it's just food going into my body and feeding it.  I really don't have that one food I really miss or really want.  We even went to Gatlinburg, TN for spring break and before I could not wait to get me some candy from those great candy shops but is year we went thourgh them and they did not have the same effect on me and it was nice but alittle sad to me at the same time.  It is weird because we I tell people this they say to me well isn't this the reason you had the surgery?  Yes but I did not think it would effect me like this either.  I guess I am still learning and have alot more to do on this journey.  For those of you wondering I am down 59lbs now and I will get new pictures up soon.  Until next time keep it going!