Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 Week Liquid Diet

So I started my liquid diet on January 6, 2011 that I have to be on for 2 weeks.  I am on day 4 and so far so good.  Let me break a day down for you.  Let’s see what I had yesterday 01/08/2011:
Protein Shake
Cherry Yogurt
Protein Shake
1/2 can of chicken broth
Motts Apple sauce
Cherry Jell-O
Chocolate vanilla swirl pudding
Chocolate vanilla swirl pudding
Cream of chicken soup
Cottage cheese (Kroger)
White chocolate raspberry yogurt

This has been a typical day for me for the last 4 days.  I don’t feel like I am starving but I do miss real food.  Last night we dropped the kids off at Mom’s and she was cooking bacon and Oh man did it smell so good I could smell it all the way outside and my mouth just watered I wanted it so bad.  I even said to her can I just lick it LOL…  I have not cheated at this and I want to try very hard not to.  I can say I am very happy that my support person (my husband) Mitch has decided to join me in the 2 week liquid diet so I will not feel alone in this journey.  He has been doing a great job as well.  It is hard because we still have to feed the kids and watch them eat their food but we both know this is what it takes to be to where we need to be for my surgery.  They say the reason for the 2 week liquid diet is to shrink your liver and the fat tissues inside.  This will help the doctor with this procedure.  I did weight myself on Thursday, January 6, 2011 and my weight was 293.7.  I will watch my weight from here on out up to the day of my surgery and keep everyone posted.  My height weight was 300 lbs.  So I did lose some without even trying before the liquid diet started.    So keep watching for more updates and pictures to be coming very soon.

|HW 300 | | CW 293.7 | |SW 0 | GW 155 | 5'5 | --- Updated Jan. 09, 2011


  1. Good job mindi,
    I keep checking this site in hopes of daily updates. I think you are doing a great job and want to support you every step of the way. Update how your day went, how your feeling, what you ate that day, anything you want. You have supporters. Great job Mindi!

  2. Thanks Michelle I will try and do a better job of updating. I want to also be able to look back in a year and see where I have came from and the hard work I have put into this journey