Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 day later

Hey Everyone-
4 days later from having my Vertical Sleeve.  I can say this the first day I don't remember to much I do remember being in and out of sleep and in some pain.  The 2nd day I did a lot of walking did not feel like I was doing to bad. Until later that night when they sent me home I did not sleep well had a lot of pain felt sick to my stomach and was having stomach spasms I took all my medicine they sent me home on and when I woke up on day 3 I had terrible pain in my right leg went back to the E.R to make sure it was not a blood clot and it was not.  Good news spent the day running around did a little walking and rode on some of the store scooters.  I did sleep better last night when the dogs would not wake me up. So day 4 and man oh man I feel like shit.  My tummy has been feeling like I have a tightness in my chest all day maybe even alittle reflux or something.  I am trying to get all my protein down and my liquids that has been a challenge as well because if I don't sip and I mean sip it feels like a rock has hit my tummy and hurts like crazy.  Here is the funny thing I did my wii weight in today and it said I had gained 6lbs now how the hell can that happen when I am not taking anything in to make up even 6 lbs. I guess the air in my body still and all those fluids they pushed into me made that up oh well it will get better.  I am going to try and post a little something everyday on how I am feeling while I am off and recouping.  I would do this all over again even with this pain because I know after all the pain is gone I will be starting to look and feel like a brand new women trying to keep postive.  Also today is Travis's 7th birthday and I am so excited that I will not be eating cake and junk with the family.  He will be getting to have a mommy a  round to see many more birthday's and maybe later there will be time for cake and in the right amounts :-)

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  1. Your doing great babe. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SMORES!!